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About us

VEBER AVOCATS is a French law firm settled in Paris and Lyon, driven to provide you with legal and assistance in a large scale of legal disciplines. Not only is our team of business lawyers practicing litigation and providing advice and counsel, especially in intellectual property law, corporate law, mergers, acquisitions law, tax and employment law, but we also pride ourselves to have been one of the first law firm specialized in sports law and to have pioneered the emerging technologies law with “ROBOLEX”.

The spirit of our firm :

Our firm strives to focus on a global prospective to provide services of high quality in regards of our clients’ needs, the evolutions of the market place and the economic world modernization.

Here in VEBER AVOCATS, we firmly believe in the necessity of a genuine relationship with our clients, based on dynamism, service and transparency. We also understand how important it is to provide you with an efficient, a secured and long-lasting partnership.

VEBER AVOCATS, it is also a forward looking law firm. We are well aware of the new challenges of the global economy and have a singular vision of what a lawyer should be. That is precisely why we created ROBOLEX, the first organization entirely dedicated to emerging technologies law. Like several years ago, when we believed sports law would become a major juridical sector, our firm is still striving to closely follow the evolutions of our economy and of our profession.

Our intern management leans on the implication, the willingness as well as the benevolence of all the members of our team. We are proud to be working with stability, efficiency and team spirit and to be connecting personalities from diverse horizons with each other.

VEBER AVOCATS truly embodies the 21st century modern law firm, it is focusing toward future to think, communicate and work with its clients, with whom we strive to be a genuine partner.

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